Sew……. I Am Learning to Quilt

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The title should read trying to learn to quilt because I am still not very good at it.  Although I am a fairly good seamstress, and can sew a straight seams, it is often still a challenge for me if a quilt design has too many points that should be matched.  As you might have guessed, I try to avoid matching points or seams when possible.  ;)

For years, I have sewn garments–mostly children’s garments–because that is what I loved and I was better at that than piecing quilt tops.  And for some reason, some of the steps in the quilting process just didn’t “click”.  Recently, that all changed and suddenly, the quilting process, from start to finish, started making much more sense to me, and I could feel myself getting hooked.  My grandchildren have all wanted quilts for Christmas the past several years so I guess that it is a good thing that I am beginning to understand quilting a little better. Until this past Christmas, I didn’t really follow a quilt pattern.  Basically, these quilts more or less built themselves.  I think I was just along for the ride. ;)

Here is a picture of a quilt that I made for my grandson a couple of years ago:



I had discovered the Dresden Plate quilt block  and used this quilt to practice sewing the Dresden Plates, and the fan blocks as well.  If I remember correctly, I think I hand appliqued these to the quilt top before quilting it.  This quilt was machine quilted, and it that didn’t go very well, but my grandson didn’t seem to mind all the mistakes in the quilt.

As I am continuing my quilting learning journey, I am learning so much!  It is fun and I am enjoying the chance to be creative again.

Happy Sewing!


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