Sewing Skirt Side Seams With In-Seam Pockets

2:31 pm sewing

When I posted last, I think I told you about understitching the in-seam pockets on the skirt of the dress I was sewing.  The next step was to sew the side seams of the skirt, which includes sewing around the pockets as well.  This is really quite easy, especially if you start sewing at the bottom of the skirt, and then, leaving the needle down in the fabric, pivot at the pocket and sew around the pocket bag.






After you have sewn the skirt side seams and the pocket bag, there are a few more steps before the skirt is considered complete, but I don’t have time to tell you about that now.  In fact, my blogging may be slowing down this week, right along with my sewing.  This is all due to our upcoming move, of course.  I will be sew happy when we finally get settled.  

Sewing a skirt with in-seam pockets: and

Happy Sewing!

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