Valentine’s Gift Ideas to Sew

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I am happy because I got to sew a little bit yesterday, too! :D Hopefully, I’ll soon get to sew more than just a few minutes at a time.

Due to the way real life is going these days, I find myself having a great deal of trouble just keeping up with what day and month it is! :o  I have figured out that it is actually February. ;)  Of course, I just now realized that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Yikes!  I like to sew some small gifts for Valentine’s Day, but this year that isn’t going to be possible.  I do have some more gift ideas for those of you who will be lucky enough to do some sewing for this “holiday” though.

Yesterday, we talked about sewing pillows ( , and )  Another type of pillow to sew is a neck pillow.  These are easy to sew and it is very easy to create your own pattern.  Sew the neck pillows using Valentine themed fabric and you have a nice gift item.  I find that many older folks enjoy these neck pillows, and really enjoy receiving them as gifts.

Pillowcases are also very easy to sew and don’t require a commercial sewing pattern.  I use one yard of 100% cotton or flannel fabric when I sew pillowcases.  However, pillowcases can be sewn using any type of fabric.  My daughter has requested that I make her some black stain pillowcases and monogram them.  She wants me to use pink thread for the monogram.  This will take some experimenting on scrap fabric to get the placement of the mongram just right.  (I want to center the monogram on the hem of the pillowcase),  This should be lots of fun and somewhat of a challenge as well! :D

If you’re sewing pillowcases for Valentine’s Day, you could simply use Valentine themed fabric or you could use a solid red or white fabric and choose to embellish the ends of the pillowcase.  Heart shaped buttons may be easy to find now and you could sew heart shaped buttons to the end of the pillowcase. 

Many teens and young adults enjoy receiving pajama pants or shorts (boxer type shorts worn as pajamas) and these are fun and easy to sew as well.  Once again, in order to make it a Valentine’s gift, simply use Valentine themed fabric.

My daughter has also asked me to make her roommate an apron.  I enjoy sewing aprons because they are fun and easy to sew.  I have found several apron patterns that I like, but haven’t purchased yet.  Hopefully, I can start that project soon and share it with you here.  A couple of the patterns that I particularly liked were McCall’s M5284 and McCall’s Easy Stitch & Sew M5505.  I think these two patterns were very similar and had patterns for the bib type apron and the half aprons that tie around the waist as well.

Another really quick and easy gift to sew is a reversible blanket.  I like to use flannel when I sew blankets.  Most of the time I use one yard of fabric for each side of the blanket because I am usually sewing baby receiving blankets.  However, these could be made as large as you wish.  Blankets can be sewn on the conventional sewing machine or on a serger, if you have one.  Perhaps one side could be a Valentine themed fabric while the other side could be  a spring themed fabric, or an Easter themed fabric. 

Just talking about sewing all these gifts is really making me want to spend lots of quality time in the sewing room!  Maybe next year………. ;)

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Happy Sewing!

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