Welcome to Sewseamless--a website dedicated to
teaching beginning seamstresses how to sew!
If you've always wanted to learn to sew, you've come to
the right place! I hope that the information provided
here will help you learn the basics of sewing and will
also reduce the frustrations that many beginning
seamstresses experience because sewing should be fun
and relaxing.

On this site you will find guidelines for the sewing
basics. Along with written instructions, I've included a
lot of pictures. My theory is that learning to use your
machine and actually sewing a child's garment helps a
beginner learn many of the basic sewing techniques,
which can be transferred to any other project you
may choose to sew. I suggest buying a child's dress
pattern because the pattern pieces are smaller and
easier to work with for the beginner. My suggestion is
to buy a child's size 5 or 6 dress pattern which
includes as many sewing techniques as possible. For
example, a dress with set in sleeves, collar, and either
in-seam or patch pockets, and buttonholes will allow
you to learn most, but not all, of the basic sewing

There are lots of ways to learn to sew and you may
encounter different ways of doing things in the sewing
world as you explore your options. While there
sewing "rules", there are often several sewing
techniques that will accomplish the same goal, and you
will need to experiment to find what works best for
you. You might even discover a new or better sewing

When beginning your "freshman" sewing project, one
of the first things you will need to do is choose your
pattern. There are a number of good pattern
companies out there, but many seamstresses may
prefer one over the other. I suggest that beginners
choose McCall's or Simplicity and avoid Vogue or
Butterick until you have more sewing knowledge and
experience. My personal favorite is McCall's because
the instructions are usually clear and the illustrations
are also good. Since many creative people are visual
learners, I think good illustrations can be almost as
important to the beginner as good sewing instructions.
Even though you will need a pattern to
help you with your first sewing project,
please note that sometimes the pattern
instructions don't always give the
clearest instructions, nor do they give
you the best or easiest techniques to
use. Please don't let this frustrate you;
sometimes it's really not "operator

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Besides a pattern, there are other
sewing supplies you will need to
complete your first project. Please
click here for sewing supply list.
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